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Easy-to-see tqdm on the Jupyter notebook

Introduction I installed tqdm to see progress bars in the Jupyter notebook. However when I use tqdm normally for nested “for statements”, full of progress bars are displayed…. So, this post is about a way to make tqdm on the Jupyter notebook easier to see. install tqdm I have installed tqdm with pip in the terminal (because I manage packages with pip). pip install tqdm full of progress bars… then, Using tqdm normally for nested “for statements”, it seems to be output every time the situation is updated, so it is hard to see because it comes out in a row….Oh my…. Use tqdm.notebook to avoid clutter Just use tqdm.notebook instead of normal tqdm. It becomes much easier to see and look better. Adding “leave = False”, it will be more simple-looking. As a side note, in order to use tqdm with pandas data, just type; Other notes It seems to use tqdm.notebook now It seems that tqdm_notebook have been used until a while ago, so even on the sites I referred to, But as use of tqdm_notebook, the following warning will appear. TqdmDeprecationWarning: This function will be removed in tqdm==5.0.0 Please use `tqdm.notebook.tqdm` instead of `tqdm.tqdm_notebook` Although we can […]